Crowdfunding: 1/72 737-100 (Coming Soon)

Crowdfunding: 1/72 737-100 (Coming Soon)

  • $30.00

You are contributing to the development of a new 3D Printed 1:72 scale Airliner model.  Once all units are sold, the model will go into development. Once Development is complete, you will be sent your model, at no additional cost, as a thank you for helping us fund this project. 

If we do not sell all of the allotted units, we will take the number sold into account, and make a decision on whether or not to proceed with making the kit. If we choose not to move forward, you will receive a full refund

The 737-100 was the first in the series of one of the most popular aircraft of all time. Surprisingly, only 30 were ever built. Only one preserved example still exists.


Boeing Demonstrator, NASA, Luftwaffe, Mexican Air Force, Mexico - Ministry of Public Works (UTAPEF), Aero Continente, AirCal, Air Florida, Air Mauritanie, Aloha Airlines, America West, American Airlines, Ansett New Zealand, Avianca, Challenge Air International, Chapter International Credit, Condor, Continental, Copa Airlines, Far Eastern Air Transport, Faucett Peru, Lufthansa, Magnicharters, People Express, Presidential Air, Royal Aviation (Canada), Savanna Aviation, SAVAR, Servicios Aereos Rutas Oriente, Sierra Pacific Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Sun Bank of Miami, Transpacific Enterprises,  US Airways


The Model will be 3D Printed in parts, at a basic level: Fuselage (Split down centerline), Wings, Engines and Nacelles, Horizontal stabilizers, landing gear, clear window glazing, Cockpit and other interiors.