N scale 40' Harriman Baggage Car/Railroad Post Office Class 40-BP-15

  • $10.00

This our model of the 40' Harriman Baggage RPO. It was used by the Southern Pacific, Texas & New Orleans, Yosemite Valley Railroad and the Virginia and Truckee. We plan on producing all of the variations of this car from its many years in service.

Our first version is Yosemite Valley Railroad #107, formerly T&NO #193. 

These models are 3D Printed to order on our Formlabs Form2 SLA 3D Printer. 

Please allow some time for printing and shipping.

Other versions COMING SOON:

Wire Bending Jig for all versions. (Will be shipped to past orders when ready)

The next iteration, coming soon, will be the Class 40-P-1 as built in 1911. T&NO #191-193, 250-251, and SP #4239-4241

Secondly we have the Union Pacific Class 40-P-1 #1235-1237

Third we have the 1925 rebuild to Class 40-BP-15. T&NO #191-193, 250-251, and SP #6008-6009

Finally, we have Caboose #475, formerly car #6009