3D Printing Options

Here at Out of the Box, we want to give the customer as many options as possible, and that extends to our 3D Printing options. Here is a brief overview of our options.

Option 1

Printer: Stratasys J750

Type: Material Jetting

Layer thickness: 14 Microns

Price: $$$


Benefits: Crisp detail, low profile print lines. Accurate for parts of any size. No soaking in solvents necessary, every one of these parts has been pre-soaked and sand blasted to remove any support material. All the modeler needs to do is some light sanding before painting. This process can also print crystal clear parts as well as most colors. The standard printing material is white. 

Shortfalls: The material can be brittle, with thin parts, but thicker parts have some flex to them. The price; this is an expensive material, but you do get a lot more added value than other materials. This is a 3rd Party Vendor.


Option 2

Printer: 3D Systems Projet HD3000 (Shapeways FXD)

Type: Material Jetting

Layer thickness: 16 Microns

Price: $$

Benefits: Crisp detail, low profile print lines. The standard printing material is frosted translucent. 

Shortfalls: Low UV resistance. Requires additional soaking in Bestine or Googone before painting. Shapeways does not guarantee accuracy of parts over 100mm in length, some size variation can occur based on the machine's calibration settings. This is a 3rd Party Vendor.


Option 3

Printer: Formlabs Form2 

Type: Stereolithography (SLA) 

Layer thickness: 25 Microns

Price: $

Benefits: Crisp detail, low profile print lines. Accuracy at any size. We have also purchased a FormWash and FormCure, which will clean and fully cure the parts after printing. Can print is crystal clear resin.  This is done in house at Out of the Box. 

Shortcomings: Not scaleable. The Form2 has a limited print surface, so not all products will be eligible. We also only have 1 machine, which can only print one object at a time. This means that print times will be longer between order and shipment. All support material will be removed before shipment.