3D Printing and Fulfillment Services

3D Printing and Fulfillment Services

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Let us 3D print your model for you on our form2 printer. We can print and ship to your customers with our wallet friendly options. 

A La Carte: Cost of print + $7 service fee. (only for print costs under $10, For prints over $10 service fee increases $5 for every $10 of material cost. Additional $5 fee for support removal. Shipping is not included for A la Carte)


$100 per month. Includes up to 15 prints per month, and US domestic shipping costs. 

$150 per month. Includes up to 20 prints per month, and US domestic shipping costs. 

$250 per month. Includes up to 40 Prints per month, and US domestic shipping costs.

Any additional prints will be A La Carte.

For an a one time cost of $150, we can set up a web store for you, and populate it with all of your products. 

*Based on acceptance of printability.

We will reach out to you and get your details after checkout.