N scale NE-12 Waycar

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The NE-12 waycar was built by the Chicago Burlington and Quincy in the mid 1950's at the railroad's Havelock Shops. The 4 window version (Temporarily Unavailable) is the as delivered configuration, which served with the CBQ from the mid 1950's until 1969 when they merged into Burlington Northern. These waycars we used by Burlington Northern throughout the life of the railroad, and were modified several times throughout their service lives. 

CBQ NE-12, #13525-13559

The 3 window version, is a modification by Burlington Northern, the roof walk has been remover, and the ladders have been modified on the car ends.

These cars were numbered BN 10391-10425 and 10331-10360

The no window version, is later Burlington Northern modification. One example is still in service with Montana Rail Link, #1002. 

This kit includes the following 3D printed parts: body, floor, 2 x Ladders/end railings, and one chimney.

Requires trucks and couplers. Designed to work with MT 1015 couplers, Atlas Caboose Trucks.  All 3D printed parts are post-processed before shipment, all that is required is some light sanding before painting. 

All kits are printed to order, please allow 2-3 weeks for printing and delivery.

(Prototype photos shown. Actual product photos to be updated later)