N Scale EMD E7

N Scale EMD E7

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The E7 was a widely popular EMD Model. It served as a workhorse for many North American passenger railroads. Most Units operated between 1945 and 1971. 

EMD E7B Original Operators:

Atlantic Coast Line: 755–764

Rock Island: 632B–634B, 637B–642B

Florida East Coast: 1052–1054

Illinois Central: 4100–4103

Missouri Pacific: 7004B, 7010B–7011B, 7012B, 7014B–7017B

New York Central: 4100–4113

Pennsylvania Railroad: 5840B–5864B (even only), 5900B

Seaboard Air Line: 3105–3107

Southern Pacific:  6000B,C–6004B,C

Union Pacific: 961B–963B